Flowers on a Budget

We all know that flowers are one of the items that make wedding decor stand out! We found a website that has a list of flowers that are in season in Texas, this site made it nice and easy because the flowers are organized by month.

Happy Floral Shopping!


wedding flower hair crowns

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Food is an essential part of a wedding, whether you’re having a four course meal or just offering a few snacks at the reception- catering will be something to keep in mind. A few things to keep in mind when booking a certain caterer can be found on the link below:

Here are some fantastic catering options found in the Texas hill country area:

Linda’s Fine Foods

Milagro’s Hill Country Tex Mex

Root Cellar Cafe



**Raquel Yarovinsky

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DIY Wedding Floral Crowns

Floral crowns are such a lovely and romantic accessory for bridal shoots, bridesmaids and for the boho bride. With spring approaching who doesn’t want some lovely spring florals in their hair?

I’ve attached a few links to some pretty neat floral crown tutorials.


wedding hair accessories for bridal flower crowns


*Raquel Yarovinsky

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Wedding Superstitions

There are so many wedding superstitions out there, but which are the most popular? Do you believe in superstitions? As a bride it can be fun and cute to follow some of these superstitions or incorporate them into your wedding.  I think it’s time we bring some of these superstitions into the light.

1.  The bride should have something new, borrowed, old, and blue.

2.  To bring good luck, save the ribbons from the shower gifts to create a bouquet that should be use during your rehearsal.

3.  If you tear any of the ribbons when you are opening gifts that is the number of kids you will have.

4.  If you see a rainbow on your wedding day it is a good omen.

Taylor Swift be the bridesmaid of her best friend's wedding

5.  The first gift the bride opens should be the first used in her marital home.

6.  The groom should not see the bride until she walks down the aisle.

7.  As newlyweds, groom should carry the bride across the threshold.  If the bride were to stumble entering their home, it is a bad omen.

8.  There should be ten cans tied to the back of the newlyweds car to scare off bad spirits as they drive away.

9.  It is bad luck for the bride to practice walking down the aisle for her rehearsal.  Typically you ask a friend to do it for you.

10.  The bride’s veil is used to hide her from evil spirits.

11.  The girl that catches the bouquet is next to be married.


Remember, even if you don’t believe in these things, they can be fun for you and your groom to follow.  Some of these would even make cute wedding pictures.


*Betsy Villanueva



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A Gift for your Groom

On the day of your wedding you and your groom choose to exchange gifts before the wedding.  What should you get him?  You can give him something he can use for the wedding or something he has wanted for a while.  Make his gift something meaningful and personal.  It doesn’t need to be extravagant to be  a great gift.  Put thought into the gift.

Start with what your groom could use for the big day.  You can also go one step further and surprise him by engraving a special message into any of the items he can use for the day of.  Use a phrase he likes or that you both use often that is special to you or simply tell him that you love him forever and always.  Make sure to personalize any gift that you get him, add your special touch.

Engrave his wedding band
Engrave his wedding band
Groom shirt
Groom shirt
An engraved watch
An engraved watch
Cuff links
Cuff links
Kit for your groom
Kit for your groom

Get him a gift that he can use in the future or look at any time he wants.  Think of his hobbies and interests, even if they are not your favorite, show him that you care about the things he cares about.

Personalized golf balls
Personalized golf balls
Picture with the groom showing his hunting interests
Surprise him by taking a picture that he would like to have on your wedding day
Surprise him by getting a grooms cake he wants that you may not have liked as much
Surprise him by getting a grooms cake he wants that you may not have liked as much

Make him a book with your love story in it
Make him a book with your love story in it.
You are in the Hill Country.  Set up skeet shooting for your groom and his groomsmen for the morning of the wedding.
Skeet shooting with the groomsmen

You are in the Hill Country. Set up some activity for your groom to do with his groomsmen.  You can even get help from his groomsmen to get an activity set up and keep it a surprise.  Whatever gift you pick for your man, do it with flare.  Make it something memorable.


*Betsy Villanueva

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A Christmas Wedding


A Christmas wedding is the perfect theme for any December wedding. It’s festive and has a classic color scheme of red, gold, green and silver. There will never be a shortage of decorations and most materials can be found over a month in advance. To avoid looking more like a Christmas party than a wedding, be careful of using only a red and green color scheme or of using too much of those two colors.

reception tables

Each table could be decorated in red and white linens with a candle and wreath centerpiece. Holly attached to a burlap silverware holder would finish the table nicely. If there are children attending, you may want to use fake holly in case they ingest it. Place the seating arrangement cards in a basket filled with cranberries by the gift table or entrance. If you prefer a more rustic approach, use a wooden box.

cake table setup

Place lights underneath a white tablecloth for the cake and treats table. You don’t need a lot of color on your cake to make it festive, a colored velvet bow is simple and a classic Christmas statement. For the side treat, cupcakes can be decorated to look like ornaments; or cookies if you would prefer those.


Incorporate subtle touches of the Christmas theme during the ceremony to help keep your wedding more traditional, or add more color if you prefer non-traditional. The burlap ring bearer’s pillow with holly can be found on Etsy but can also be made with materials from your local craft store. Add holly to satin ribbon and tie it around the guests’ chairs for the ceremony. For the bouquet, use mostly white flowers with red accents and some greenery.


Choose an accent color out of the Christmas color scheme and use it for your bridesmaid dresses. The dresses can be short or long but long dresses will keep better with the Christmas/winter theme. Choose the same color satin or velvet sash for the flower girl to wear. A wreath of baby’s breath would be cute on top of her head, and baby’s breath could be added to the bridesmaid’s bouquets to match.

mistletoe photo

A Christmas themed wedding just isn’t complete without a picture of the bride and groom kissing under some mistletoe. Have it above the altar, above the reception table, above the doorways, or simply use it for your photos after the ceremony.


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How To: Include Your Pet


You have a pet that you adore and want to include on your wedding day? No problem!  Here are a few ways to include your pet on the big day and things to take into consideration while trying to decide whether to include your pet or not.  You must first decide if it is appropriate to have your pet at your wedding depending on the type of wedding you are having or the location of the wedding.  If you are having your wedding on a ranch or out in the country having your pet at or in your wedding would be no problem.  If your wedding is at a hotel, in a church, or is very formal it is best to keep your pet at home.  Ask your venue what their pet policy is.  The temperament of your animal must also be taken into consideration.  Is your pet aggressive, hyper or loud?  If that is the case then many things could go wrong at your wedding and having your pet present would be a problem that you don’t need to be worried about on your big day.  Even if you have a good tempered pet, remember other small issues may arise.  For example, if your dog sees a squirrel will he/she want to bark or chase after it?  Does your dog need to be watched throughout the day?  If so, someone needs to be in charge of your pet because you will be busy on your wedding day.


Wedding-DogsYou can have your pet wear some shade of the color scheme you have picked out for your wedding.  Your pet can also wear an outfit to match either the groom or bride or even just a cute collar to spruce up your pet.

If your dog or cat can manage walking down the aisle without being too distracted by your guests, he/she can walk or be walked down the aisle to stand by your side during the ceremony.  Your pet can be the ring bearer if you secure the rings on the pillow or simply attach the pillow to your pet and keep the rings with your best man, either way it is a cute picture to have.




Bellingham Washington Wedding Photography







Let’s talk pictures.  If having your pet throughout your whole wedding day is not possible, but you really want him/her involved take a few pictures with them on your wedding day.  Make sure that your pet is clean and groomed and won’t get you or your groom dirty.  Also, do not allow them to climb or jump on you because it could tear your dress or ruin the tux in some way.  Have someone there to help you control them during pictures.

If you include your pets on your big day do a run through with them so they get an idea of what it will be like and so you can feel comfortable on the day of your wedding knowing that they will be well behaved.



*Betsy Villanueva


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Top 2013 Wedding Themes


Country Chic

Country weddings can be casual but elegant and are very romantic! If you know someone who has land that you can use with a barn or a pretty field, that is a great way to save money. Decorate with barrels, sunflowers, and watering cans; they sound silly now but will look like effortless planning. If you prefer, you can even wear cowboy boots under your dress!

country wedding

Beachy Paradise

Beach weddings will always be in season and you don’t even have to live near a nice beach! Have a destination wedding or if you’re on a budget, simply decorate with seashells, sea glass, driftwood and sand to create the illusion. Beach themed colors are blues, greens, and tan tones.


Old Hollywood Glamour

Get inspired by 1940s glitz and glam and look to people like Katherine Hepburn for inspiration. Dress in vintage with pearls, and the groomsmen should wear tuxes with bowties to complete the glamourous look. Find decorations with lots of bling, like gold, pearls, crystals, and silver.


Vineyard Theme

Even if you don’t love wine, a vineyard theme can also create the illusion of a destination wedding if you decorate for a more Tuscan vineyard look. Decorate with grapes and colors that complement them, like deep purples, reds, and pale greens. If you can find a winery that will double as a wedding venue, they may even give you a discounted price on their wine for the reception.


Winter Wonderland

A winter theme wedding is gaining popularity; curling up by the fire with your hubby sounds so romantic! Decorate with white, silver, and blue; blue lights make for an especially pretty winter look! Put crystals everywhere and it won’t look overdone, and if it’s in your budget, order an ice sculpture.


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The Perfect Wedding Arch

From the classic look to a completely innovative idea; who knew there were so many choices for a wedding arch these days?  Creativity seems to be key when it comes to weddings and I had no idea there were so many options for wedding arches.  Hopefully, if you have been debating about what kind of arch to get married under, these ideas will help you out!


These doors with a small chandelier are a great twist to a rustic/antique wedding theme.  The different textures and colors of the doors would look great in pictures and would add a little something extra to the wedding aisle.


For a beach wedding you can piece together shells to assemble a breathtaking arch.  This could be a great DIY project and will save a few extra bucks too!


This simple piece of fabric draped over the tree branches is beautiful for a wedding arch.  You could even spice it up with colored or printed fabric to add more color to the backdrop.

All of these arches are great because they are fairly simple and cost efficient.  Some of these you can even do yourself which could be a fun project for you and you’re bridesmaids or maybe even you and you’re soon to be husband.  Hopefully these ideas will help spark you’re creative juices and assist you in planning out how you would like you’re wedding arch to be!



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All About Lace!

lace dress 1

A VERY current trend among weddings is incorporating lace into a variety of ways. Adding touches of lace can instantly add feminity and a timeless, romantic feel to any wedding. Here are some fantastic ideas for incorporating lace into your wedding!

First and formost is the lace wedding dress! This Vera Wang lace wedding dress is a perfect example of an exquisite, timeless dress. The detail of the lace will make any bride an instant showstopper. The fitted nature of the dress elegantly accentuates  the bride’s curves without compromising the pristine nature of the lace dress.

Backless lace dresses are very in right now as well. Adding a ribbon bow or a sparkled rhinestone belt instantly takes the dress to the next level!

Not wanting to rewear an heirloom wedding dress? Use bits of lace from inherited dresses into your bouquet! Not only will this suffice a wedding must (something borrowed!), but can also add beautiful dimension to a simple bouquet. Add dripping strands of pearls for an ultra girly, classy look!

For invitations lace is a very simple, easy way to dress up any color, such as brown pictured here. Again, adding ribbon bows and pearl details bring the entire look together!


Wedding cakes have evolved from things of practicality to intricate works of art. Cake designers have innovatively created lace techniques to add an air of elegance to wedding cakes. Again, adding pearls and ribbon edible details rounds out the classic, wedding look. Using the bride’s new intials or real flowers are also great ideas to add to these lace cakes!


Last but not least is the use of lace in centerpieces on reception tables. Use vintage lace dollies under vased floral arrangements, pictured belowed. Add lights or candles to light up and display the intricate details of the lace. Add strips of lace to mason jars for an ultra rustic chic look!

Lea Cabezas

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