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A Wedding Venue
A Wedding Venue


I am engaged, but what is next?  Do I pick a date, pick a venue, or ask people to be a part of my big day?  I decided that before I set a date I needed to research wedding venues.  This was the best way to start because if you have your heart set on a specific date and the venue of your dreams doesn’t have opening around that time then it can create some stress.  With this in mind I started my search for the perfect venue.  The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a place that had a gorgeous view.  I did some online searches and was able to narrow down my list of wedding Venues.  My top pick was Camp Lucy but I was able to exceed my own expectations and find a venue with an even better view of the hill country.  Keep an open mind when you visit the venues.  If you are too closed off from new ideas then you can miss something even better.  This almost happened to me.  I had my heart set on Camp Lucy and I didn’t want to bother looking at other locations after I visited the site.  Luckily my mother convinced me to look at another venue that she thought I would like even more and it ended up being the perfect place for my fiancé and I to have our big day.

When You pick a venue keep in mind what all is included in the venue pricing.  Do they include lodging? Do they have a preferred vendor list? Do they allow outside vendors?  Do they have a commercial kitchen for caterers?  For example, if there is no commercial kitchen for the caterers the caterer will have to bring their own equipment which can ultimately cost you more money.  Things that you may never have considered can add up quickly.  You may also want flexibility in a venue.  Some venues that I visited did not allow for outside vendors that were not on their list, so the caterer that I had in mind wouldn’t have been able to be my caterer.  Don’t settle on a venue that doesn’t allow you to have the options you have dreamed of on your wedding day just because it is the prettiest.  You can always glam up any location.

Once I picked a venue we discussed dates with the owner.  I am lucky enough to be getting married a year and a half after the proposal.  The date we picked is the same as my parents anniversary (I know, cute right?!).  I wanted to have time to plan and not be stressed.  I hear that weddings make people crazy and that it is stressful and I did not want to be that bride or put my friends and family through a time crunch.  Ultimately my venue is setting the tone for my wedding.  It may be pricey, but all of the benefits of having my wedding at this venue definitely outweigh the cost.  The owners are wonderful, the location is gorgeous, they include everything I was looking for, and they are flexible and very helpful.

I know that I picked the perfect location that fits my needs, exceeded my expectations, and represents my fiancé and I very well.

*Betsy Villanueva


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Bling, Bling, Engagement Rings!


It’s never too early to look at engagement rings, regardless of whether you have a boyfriend or not. There are many different stones and many different ways and sizes to cut them.


Round-Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape.


Radiant-cut is a scarce and unique shape.


The princess-cut diamond is the second most popular shape and is more contemporary.


The pear shaped diamond is an oval cut with the sharp, tapered point of a marquise cut.


Oval shaped diamonds accentuate the hand for a slender look.


The marquise shaped diamond gives an elongated, slender look and maximizes carat weight to appear larger.


The heart shaped diamond is not normally used for engagement rings (although it can be), but makes for great necklaces and pendants.


An emerald shaped diamond has long, lean lines that highlight the clarity of the diamond.


The cushion shaped diamond has been popular for centuries with its soft and romantic look to increase the stone’s brilliance.


The asscher-cut diamond was created at the turn of the 20th century and has a 1920s and 30s look to it, quickly becoming more and more popular.

Diamonds can also be different colors, ranging from colorless or white, to yellow tinted, to fancy colors. The colorless to yellow tinted scale is measured by letters of the alphabet, D -Z. Fancy colors include red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

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Dazzle In Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girls best friend right?  So then why not frost yourself from head to toe in some sparkle?  White diamonds or even fake diamonds will look radiant with a white dress.  Some of these pieces I found are my favorite and would be ideal for the big day!


Not only would these heels look fabulous on you’re feet but also in pictures!


These flawless and elegant earrings would look stunning on you’re wedding day!

8d5f6480c9a5902fc2f38c1d76d10085These chunky necklaces would look so couture with a simple wedding dress or a 20’s themed wedding.


All of these gorgeous white diamond pieces would look wonderful with you’re wedding day gown and would look show stopping in pictures.



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Embracing All White

Becoming engaged is a monumental moment in a girls life.  It’s something most girls dream about and usually they have most of their wedding planned before they even have a boyfriend.  You picture you’re big day countless times and how great it will be and all the fun you, you’re friends, and family will have and yes all of these things are true but in reality you’re big day comes and goes entirely too fast.  Before you know it you’re married.  From the moment you get engaged I think you should embrace being a bride and the time you have to be engaged.  With that being said here are some great style options to incorporate all white into you’re everyday life until you’re wedding day when you will wear you’re all white dress.


This dress is flawless.  It’s a twist on old hollywood glam and is fabulous to wear on dinner dates, bridal appointments, or even to take some engagement or bridal pics in!


This white dress is also another great option.  It would be really cute to wear to look at wedding venues and what not.  Simple but classy.


Maybe you work at an office?  Why not incorporate all white into you’re work attire with an all white business suit.


What a great weekend outfit!  Super casual but so cute.  It would be perfect for going shopping, meeting you’re bridesmaids up for lunch, or even just a day with the family.


This outfit is show stopping.  It is the perfect choice for all white on a night on the town!


Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.  Embrace being a bride and embrace wearing all white!

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The Perfect Dress


It’s said that you will know when you find your dress; the one, perfect dress. Not only should it, hopefully, be within your budget, but it needs to fit your body type in order to help make you look your absolute best!



This shape describes women whose bottom and hips are full as well as their torso, but they have little waist definition. Brides with this shape should wear a dress that has a high waistline and a skirt that flows away from the body, or a fitted bodice with a corset backing.

Apple Dress

Apple Dress



This shape describes women whose hips, thighs, and bottom are larger than their upper half. Brides with this shape should wear an empire, a-line, or ball gown styled dress to enhance their figure. Strapless and halter dresses are also flattering necklines.





This shape describes women whose shoulders and hips are about the same width, and they have a well-defined waist. Brides with this shape should wear a mermaid, a-line, dropped waistline, one-shoulder, strapless, or scoop-necked style dress.



Inverted Triangle

inverted triangle

This shape describes women whose shoulders are broader and hips are narrower. Brides with this shape should wear a dress that is sheath, empire, a-line, or ball gown style but should not cover their shoulders. Halter, strapless, or one-shoulder necklines will also flatter.





This shape describes women whose hips and shoulders are about the same width, but have no waist definition. Brides with this shape should wear a dress that adds curves with a beaded waistline or colored sash. Asymmetrical pleating and detail in the skirt design will flatter and create the illusion of curves.



Small Bust

A small bust is considered an “A” cup or smaller. Brides wishing to flatter or enhance their small bust should wear a ruched or embellished bodice with a full skirt.



Large Bust

A large bust is considered a “C” cup or larger. Brides wishing to complement their figure should wear a square neckline, v-neckline, or off-the-shoulder style. Brides wishing to de-emphasize their bust should wear an open neckline, a-line, or ball gown style dress.



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Bridesmaid Dresses!


I think the biggest concern among bridesmaids is that they will be forced to wear a hideous dress on the day of their friend’s wedding. For the sake of looking back at your wedding photos years from now, be sure to consider the following things when searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Be sure to take into consideration each one of your bridesmaid’s body types. As women are quite aware of, we all have very different body shapes, sizes, and proportions and those aspects can really alter the look of a dress. One dress may look fabulous on one bridesmaid but may not suit another bridesmaid as well. If you come to the point where you can’t find one dress that will work for everyone, think about choosing different dresses but with the same color so the dresses still look like they go together.

It’s also best to listen to all of your bridesmaid’s opinions on the dresses they try on. Not only will you receive second opinions, but you will also get a sense of whether the dress will make them feel confident enough to stand in front of everyone during the ceremony.

With those things being said, the most important thing is that in the end you’re the person who decides which dress is the best for your wedding. Ultimately, it’s your money, your taste in fashion, and your big day so your friends should be willing to respect your wishes.









By: Sabrina Read

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Tips for Brides: Wedding Hair!!!


I believe a very important thing to most brides at their wedding is how they look. A big thing that people forget about till the last minute is hair. I think hair is very important. Make sure that you have a pre-wedding hair trial. I would suggest doing it at least 2 weeks before your wedding is taking place. This amount of time is long enough so that you can decide if you have liked what has been done or if you may need to find a new hair dresser. Also, when it comes to wedding hairstyles remember that the hair style you chose is going to be in pictures for the rest of your life (do not drastically change hair color 1 week before wedding!!!). I like to suggest to people to keep it more natural in the front and with the parts that frame their face. My idea behind this is that most of us wear our hair in the front a particular way because it “flatters” us so why would we stray away from that just because it is the wedding day. Another important thing is to snap a few pictures of yourself even if it is on a camera phone to see if the hairstyle flatters you in pictures. Once you have done these few things and have decided what you like the best stick with it and take pictures of it so your hairdresser can remember as time goes on, remember they see a lot of people every week. Make sure you love your hair, and remember do a hairstyle that shows off your dress the best too!!!! Happy Planning!!!


Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Lotus Ranch

Certified Wedding Planner

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Spring Brides!!!


Spring weddings (March, April, May) are very popular in Texas!!! The weather is usually perfect and warm but not hot!!! Because this is such a popular time of year remember you want to begin to book your vendors (venue, DJ, caterer, etc) ASAP. Many of these vendors book up very quickly and are probably close to being booked at this point. You do not want to lose out on having the vendors of your dreams because you have waited to long. Cheers to everyone that is going to have a beautiful spring wedding!!! Happy Planning!!!!!


Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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Budget Brides!!!

sell 3

One idea of how to save money on your wedding stuff is to actually purchase items and resell them. There are many brides that love to do DIY centerpieces and many other sorts of decor. Sometimes you are forced to rent stuff but what I have found is that if you can purchase as much as possible there is the good possibility that you could resell it. When you purchase the stuff it is then yours, not only could you resell it but there is the possibility you may want it in your own home. Some things I have found that are items that resell well are: linens, champagne flutes, all kinds of glass vases/ jars, electric candles, table runners, rustic decorations, antique stuff, fun chairs, decorative doors, some centerpiece material and the list goes on. DO NOT think renting is a must try to buy and resell, this way you are getting the biggest bang for your buck! Happy Planning!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbeiin

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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