Flowers on a Budget

We all know that flowers are one of the items that make wedding decor stand out! We found a website that has a list of flowers that are in season in Texas, this site made it nice and easy because the flowers are organized by month.

Happy Floral Shopping!


wedding flower hair crowns

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DIY Wedding Floral Crowns

Floral crowns are such a lovely and romantic accessory for bridal shoots, bridesmaids and for the boho bride. With spring approaching who doesn’t want some lovely spring florals in their hair?

I’ve attached a few links to some pretty neat floral crown tutorials.


wedding hair accessories for bridal flower crowns


*Raquel Yarovinsky

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Lace, Bows, and Flowers to Throw!

You’re flower girl is one of the first people you’re guests will see come down the isle so it is important that whatever she is wearing really reflects you’re wedding theme.  There are so many new trends with flower girls, from big headbands to being barefoot you cannot go wrong.

If you are having a beach wedding I love the idea of the flower girl being barefoot and wearing a simple head piece.

Having a decorative basket for her to carry or even a sign to hold while walking down the isle is another super innovative idea.

Maybe the theme of you’re wedding is that traditional southern wedding so why not have the flower girl wear cowboy boots and a simple flower in her hair?  This is a timeless look and photographs wonderfully.

If you want to have more than one flower girl another super cute idea is having them wear matching tutu style dresses.  They are so fun and look so sassy coming down the isle together.

Have fun with different fabrics, shoes, and hair pieces.  Remember flower girls are usually young so let their outfits be fun and reflect not only their young age but maybe also their spunky little personalities!


Hilary Clemons

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Spring Wildflowers!


One thing I always love in weddings when there is a large mixture of flowers included. One great idea to save yourself money on flowers as well as add lots of color to your wedding is to find a wildflower farm in your area and go buy yourself buckets of wild flowers! You can use these on tables or as center pieces when they are put into mason jars! There is many things you can do with wild flowers. Not only are they beautiful but they are so much fun to incorporate. Now, remember to check the time of year it is, or even call ahead of time and ask what kind of flowers are going to coming up around the time of your wedding that way you can revolve your color scheme sort of around those kinds of flowers! Have fun and enjoy what nature gives us! Happy Planning!!!


Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Event Director

Lotus Ranch

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Picking your Florist!

red boquet

I have come up with some questions to ask your florist before you decide to choose a floral designer. Flowers (in general) are a very important piece of wedding decor and you want to make sure that you are going to be getting what you paid for! Here are some questions to ask:

~Make sure you see good (legitimate) pictures of what the florist has done, ask to see them. Also, another way to make sure the florist truly knows what they are doing is to ask for a live example.

~Ask yourself if you can get a sense of the style of the florist and make sure and ask yourself if that style matches yours. You do not want to pick a florist that is not comfortable doing the style you are considering for your big day.

~Ask yourself if the florist seems like they know what they are doing i.e. are they telling you what kind of flowers will be available during that time of year or are they giving you ideas on the best way to spend your money.

~Ask if the florist delivers flowers and when they deliver do they help arrange or do they just leave.

~Ask which florist (to the best of their knowledge) will be working on your wedding.

~Ask if the florist has ever done a wedding at the venue and if not will they take time to go see the venue.

~If you flower order is large ask how many weddings/events they will be doing that weekend and if they have enough staff to accommodate you.

~Ask the florist if they have pieces available for rent or if you are going to have to go through other companies to rent items such as vases or centerpieces. This can cause your prices to increase.


This is just a few tips to think about and bring to the table when you are meeting with your florist! Flowers are fun do not be afraid to do something crazy! Happy Planning!!!


Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Event Director

Lotus Ranch

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FUN Boutennieres!!!!


Sometimes (ok most of the time) it seems like the groom and the groomsmen tend to get lost in the shuffle of all of the wedding planning going on. I like to make a point of including everyone and really getting them involved even if it is something simple as letting them choose the “theme” for their boutonnieres!!! I personally love a boutonniere I think it brings in a touch of color and can transform the groom/groomsmens whole outfit ( I also love a pocket square but thats a different topic for a different time). Today I just wanted to show you some pictures of fun boutonnieres that just make an outfit pop. You can do anything you want… DO NOT THINK that you are forced to stick with just flowers!!! Happy Planning!!!!


Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Event Planner

Lotus Ranch

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