Winter Wedding Ideas

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Winter is a fantastic season to have a wedding! There is an abundance of cute winter treats and ideas to include in your winter wedding. Some old and some new fantastic ideas for a memorable winter wedding are below.

Wedding Ceremony

More bride and groom’s are offering their guests drinks before the wedding ceremony. A fabulous idea for winter weddings is to offer hot chocolate as your guests arrive! Guests of all ages will appreciate this warm treat as they come in to the ceremony venue from the cold. Offer marshmallows of different sizes and peppermint sticks!

Cocktail Hour

Have an open bar for your 21 +guests, however ask them to bring a toy for a girl or boy to donate to Toys for Tots. To seamlessly manage this, have an area for adult guests to drop their gift wrapped toy (perhaps under a Christmas tree) and give them a colored wristband for them to get drinks from the bar. This is a wonderful idea to give back to the community and your guests will enjoy their drinks free for the night!

Bride and Groom’s Arrival

When thinking about winter and the fun and romantic activities to do in this season, a horse drawn carriage ride comes to mind. Why not show up to the reception in a horse drawn carriage? This is the perfect opportunity to create that lovely winter storybook scene! After the cocktail hour have the guests escorted outside to witness the presentation of the bride and groom.

Keeping Warm

During the horse drawn carriage ride the bride should take advantage of the soft and regal winter wedding attire! White and fury shoulder shrugs and shawls are a must. Keeping the bride warm and toasty, these accessories make great photo props as well. For the bride that wants to feel like a queen on her very special day, try a winter wedding cloak.

Let’s not forget about your guests! As guests await the bride and groom’s arrival in the stunning horse drawn carriage give them hand warmers. These can also be passed out at the end of the wedding reception, especially if the guests have a small walk to their cars!

Escort Cards

For the bride and groom that want to incorporate really Christmas-y elements into their weddings, ornaments are great as escort seating cards. Not only are they festive and fun, but the guests can take them home as wedding favors! Also, ornaments come in all shapes, colors, and sizes so the bride should have no problem choosing ones that match her wedding colors!


A wedding feast in the winter should definitely start with a hot and tasty soup! Get away from the usual chicken noodle or tortilla soup and try serving a delicious tomato and basil soup. Guests will most definitely appreciate the warmth that this starter provides and that the soup is not a traditional dump out the can soup.

As a special treat for your guests, serve authentic snow ice cream alongside an assortment of desserts. Children will love this idea of having ice cream in the winter and adult guests will appreciate nostalgic memories associated with this delicious treat!


Popular colors for winter weddings include deep reds, burgundys, silvers, golds, and shades of blue. Keep these shades in mind when choosing flowers and decor for your winter wedding! A great DIY table centerpieces is to get glittery ornaments and place them in upside down glass vases. Poinsettias and red roses are fantastic choices for bold and romantic wedding decor!

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