Flowers by Season

Flowers by Season

Planning your wedding? Flowers are a major component in your big day, and you can use them to represent different meanings, such as:

  • Calla Lily- magnificence and beauty
  • Daffodil- rebirth, eternal life, and chivalry
  • Hydrangea- heartfelt emotions
  • Iris- eloquence
  • Lily- refined beauty
  • Lily of the Valley- sweetness and purity of heart
  • Blue- peace, openness, and serenity
  • Pink- grace, gentility, and happiness
  • Purple- dignity, pride, and success
  • Red- desire, strength, and passionate love
  • White- innocence, purity, humility, and reverence
  • Yellow- joy, lightheartedness, and friendship

This chart will show you when certain flowers are in season, as well as what colors they are available in. Check it out and don’t let your wedding plans be ruined by out-of-season flowers!

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