Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

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How many times have I heard the question “do you think I need a wedding planner?”  I have encountered the questions more times than I could even count.  Now knowing that I am a wedding planner as I am sure most of you could guess that my answer would be “YES YOU NEED A WEDDING PLANNER” and I am not just saying that to get business.  I am not just a wedding planner but I also run a wedding venue so I have been around many weddings not just from the planners’ perspective but also from the venues perspective. I have noticed huge differences between brides that have wedding planners and brides that do not. There are many things that brides can do themselves such as pick out their own linens, caterers, flowers, these are not the overly stressful part of having a wedding. The piece in the puzzle that wears the bride out and causes even more stress is the rehearsal dinner as well as the ceremony and events the day of the wedding.  When I think of rehearsals I like to think of it as herding a bunch of cats you can try and try and try but you do not get very far. It is not that your bridal party does not care about your wedding it is that they are excited to all be together and celebrate this day with the bride and the groom. Excitement leads to unorganized chaos… the reason for a planner is that we are used to organizing this chaos! Having someone there to help you through the process especially at the end or “day of” as we call it makes a huge difference, stress levels can be significantly decreased and your day can flow as smoothly as possible! If you choose not to hire a planner make sure that the person that you decide to help you organize things is on the ball, makes you feel less stressed, and knows what they are doing. Remember weddings are supposed to be fun! Happy Planning!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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