Wedding Bars and Mason Jars

Personalized Mason Jars

A popular trend these days is to reuse odds and ends around the house. Mason jars are the most flexible of these items as they can be used for storage, organization, or just plain old decoration. Another trend is a non-traditional wedding bar for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Great way to keep guests from losing and using more than one glass. They can decorate their own jar and will be more likely to keep track of it.

Don’t want a full sized bar? Offer your guests little treats when they walk in. You can customize them to your wedding colors or theme.

Instead of hard liquor, offer your guests a variety of champagne with orange juice for mimosas. The kiddies can have just orange juice, of course!

Here’s a cute way of incorporating something new, something blue into your drink menu. It gives your guests a nice variety without you having to stock 20 different types of drinks to keep everyone happy.

If you’re not wanting an alcoholic bar at your wedding, granola/yogurt champagne flutes are great for a brunch wedding.

Who doesn’t love cupcakes?! The kids will have fun making their own and it’s a fun ice breaker for guests who don’t know a lot of other people at your wedding.

Drinks for the guys to feel manly, and easy to make drinks for the ladies to enjoy.

You can have a cookies and milk bar just for kids or for all your guests. These tasty treats are good at any time of day!


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