Reception Seating Arrangements

Candle Decorations

The dreaded seating chart! You don’t want to offend anyone, you want to make everyone happy, AND it’s supposed to be cute and match your theme?? Here are a few cute ideas to get you started and, hopefully, won’t require your guests to ask for your help, somehow leading into a conversation about changing tables and rearranging your already planned seating arrangements.

Plain and simple seating charts can be glammed up with beautiful photos of the bride and groom. Having the chart in a central location can let guests see where everyone else is sitting, too.

This is an interesting twist on a destination wedding theme. Each table can represent a different country, and the kids will be happier sitting in “Paris” rather than the “Kiddie Table.” (for more destination wedding ideas visit

A delicious place card that you can eat, what more needs to be said? This can also keep the guests’ hunger down while waiting for everyone to find their seat and the reception dinner to be served.

Choose your favorite engagement photo and make them into magnets that double as gifts for guests. Each magnet has a name and table number on it, and when removed, reveals a larger copy of the photo.

These seating arrangements double as table decorations. You still save on paper, financially and environmentally, and the candles provide a nice atmospheric glow at each table.

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