Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!


Thank You notes are very important and should be sent out in a timely manner, the notes should be sent within a month.  Here are some tips to writing thank you notes as well as some etiquette to use. Make sure you actually use stationary do not just send an email, IM, Tweet or write on FaceBook how much you appreciated the gift, make it personal. Do not think that only the bride is the one that has to write all the thank you notes, both bride and groom should write to their specific side of the family and remember the one that wrote the thank you note should be the one to sign their name. There is not a problem with mentioning both people such as “Matt and I love the…” but both do not need to sign their names at the end.  Always state how you plan on using the present the giver gave you, make it personal. Even if the guest has given you cash (do not state how much they gave you) but tell how you plan on using the money. Do not tell the giver if their gift arrived broken, try and deal with it with the store instead of the giver, you do not want to make them feel bad. If you had a group of people go in on a big item that you wanted make sure you acknowledged each person involved with a separate thank you note. Last but not least get personal in the notes, make sure that the giver knows how much you appreciated them being at the wedding or sending a gift if they couldn’t make it, make them feel appreciated. Do not forget to send out these little tokens of appreciation. Happy Planning!!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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