Save the Date!


The save the date announcement is the first official notification to anyone and everyone you would like to be at your wedding. It can help you set the theme, but it doesn’t have to. It could also feature your favorite engagement photo or an activity that you and your fiance enjoy doing together.

Save the Date postcard

Send customized postcards to let everyone know quickly so they can mark that day off their calendars. More custom designs like this can be found at


Be creative and have fun with these photos! This would be cute if you are planning a destination wedding or just having a destination theme.


This picture is better for making your announcement in the spring when most fields are green or full of blooming flowers. If there are none close by, try seeing if there are any protected wildflower areas around you. You cannot pick the flowers but they will make a beautiful backdrop!

Save the Date jerseys

Sports fans? Custom order jerseys with the new last name and the date of your wedding.

Save the Date notepad

Send a cute and catchy notepad with custom pencils that have the wedding date on them. Every time they’re being used, your guests will think of your upcoming ceremony!

Save the Date card

Add your color scheme to a classic save the date card for an elegant touch.

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