Summer Weddings are Near!


Summer is coming up quickly and it’s a beautiful time for weddings! Most flowers are in season and a lot of warm colors become popular, which makes it easier to decorate your theme. The bad thing about summer in Texas? It’s hot!! Here are some ideas to help you and your guests stay safe from the hot sun and enjoy your day instead.


Provide sunscreen packets for guests who forgot to bring their own. This is especially helpful if you are having an outdoor reception with limited shade available.

fan program

Program fans are perfect for an outdoor ceremony because they let your guests know what is going on and keeps them cool at the same time! They are also very easy to coordinate with your color scheme.


Put a table with sunglasses near the entrance for guests to grab before they sit down so everyone can enjoy the ceremony without squinting the whole time. You can find some cute and cheap, generic sunglasses online.

bug spray

If your ceremony or reception is in an area highly populated by bugs, provide your guests with bug protection. Skin So Soft is my personal favorite and it works best against mosquitoes because they don’t like the smell. (Added bonus! It makes your skin so soft and silky, hence the name)


Instead of plain water add lemons, limes, or cucumbers to add a little refreshing flavor.

lights lights

Lanterns and fairy lights are cute ways to light up the night in the summertime. Electric candles can be bought online or found at a dollar store and put in mason jars. Fill them with colored glass pebbles for a nice colorful glow!

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