Bling, Bling, Engagement Rings!


It’s never too early to look at engagement rings, regardless of whether you have a boyfriend or not. There are many different stones and many different ways and sizes to cut them.


Round-Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape.


Radiant-cut is a scarce and unique shape.


The princess-cut diamond is the second most popular shape and is more contemporary.


The pear shaped diamond is an oval cut with the sharp, tapered point of a marquise cut.


Oval shaped diamonds accentuate the hand for a slender look.


The marquise shaped diamond gives an elongated, slender look and maximizes carat weight to appear larger.


The heart shaped diamond is not normally used for engagement rings (although it can be), but makes for great necklaces and pendants.


An emerald shaped diamond has long, lean lines that highlight the clarity of the diamond.


The cushion shaped diamond has been popular for centuries with its soft and romantic look to increase the stone’s brilliance.


The asscher-cut diamond was created at the turn of the 20th century and has a 1920s and 30s look to it, quickly becoming more and more popular.

Diamonds can also be different colors, ranging from colorless or white, to yellow tinted, to fancy colors. The colorless to yellow tinted scale is measured by letters of the alphabet, D -Z. Fancy colors include red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

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