Beautiful Blue Mason Jars!!!!


I am in love with Mason Jars… you could even say this obsession is a little bit overboard!!! I use mason jars to drink out of, use them to store leftover food in, pretty much anything I can use a mason jar for I will use it! My FAVORITE thing to use them for though is table decorations/centerpieces. These jars come in so many different shapes and sizes that they make every table look unique and shabby chic! I was doing a wedding with Christina a friend of mine who is an amazing wedding coordinator and owner of Wedding Warriors and the bride who’s wedding it was had brought a whole bunch of dyed mason jars in the most gorgeous shade of aqua and when I saw those I just had to figure out how they I could get my mason jars that color.  I found you could use a product called Vitrea 16-Turquoise (you can get this product at Michaels) it is a color that can be applied to glass that makes it the jar still transparent. You also want to get some thinner that way the color will not be too much there is usually thinner in the store from the same line. You want to take out a small amount of paint and put it in a separate bowl, it is glass paint so preferably something plastic and something you will not be upset about ruining just in case. Get a fan brush and put it in the thinner and then put it in the paint (mix them around a bit). You want to start by flipping your jars upside down ( I like putting them on a flat cookie sheet so they are lined up and have space between them) You then want to paint from the bottom and have even strokes all the way down covering the whole outside of the jar. Once this is done let them sit for 24 hours and this will let the paint begin to set in then stick them in the oven and let them make for 40 min on 375. I found that if you start with them on the cookie sheet there is not transferring necessary!!! There may be some certain strokes that you can still see after it has been baked but remember you are going to put flowers/ or ribbon or something in them so they will look perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE this look on mason jars. I eventually want to try it with other colors if possible! Enjoy this fun super inexpensive DIY project. Happy Planning!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Coordinator

Lotus Ranch

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