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My name is Betsy and I am getting married April 12, 2014.  Over the next few months I will be discussing my journey as a bride to be.  I had dreamed of my wedding day since I was a little girl, but I had never actually thought of details or plans or anything of the sort.  I guess I just day dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding to a wonderful man someday.  Back then I thought I would end up with Aladdin or Beast from Beauty and the Beast.  Either way, I found my prince.

Adam and I met in college; I was a freshman and he was a senior.  We dated for five years and last September he took me back to our alma mater and popped the question.  The moment he got down on a knee it was like everything went silent. It was just Adam and I and sweet words coming from his mouth and then all the sudden a thought popped in my head during his proposal, “OMG, MY RING IS IN THAT BOX!”.  Let’s be honest ladies, besides the perfect proposal, getting an engagement ring is huge!  It was a very sweet and meaningful proposal.  The feeling that I felt was like none other I had ever felt before.  I was definitely on cloud nine.  You know how people have very special moments in their lives that can’t be beat?  Well, being proposed to was one of those moments for me.  I assume that my wedding day will also be one of those moments but for the mean time I am enjoying being a fiancé.

I am a fiancé now and I have so much to get done before the wedding.  Wedding planning has been very fun and exciting.  People told me it would be hard and stressful but for me it hasn’t been difficult at all.  Honestly, the only difficulty I am having is staying under my budget, which at this point is not going so well, luckily I have some wiggle room.  My first piece of advice to the newly engaged is to enjoy it, take it all in, you are engaged!  You may want to start the wedding planning immediately, but take a couple of weeks maybe even a couple of months to enjoy being a fiancé.  Try not to get too wrapped up in the wedding itself to where you lose sight of what the ultimate goal is; a marriage.  I can see how easily it would be for a couple to forget to enjoy the engaged phase.

I hope to give you all insight to a brides world.  I will be discussing anything and everything I have experienced throughout my wedding planning and give you advice and reviews on what one might expect for a hill country wedding.  Follow my journey as a bride to be.

*Betsy Villanueva

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