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A Wedding Venue
A Wedding Venue


I am engaged, but what is next?  Do I pick a date, pick a venue, or ask people to be a part of my big day?  I decided that before I set a date I needed to research wedding venues.  This was the best way to start because if you have your heart set on a specific date and the venue of your dreams doesn’t have opening around that time then it can create some stress.  With this in mind I started my search for the perfect venue.  The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a place that had a gorgeous view.  I did some online searches and was able to narrow down my list of wedding Venues.  My top pick was Camp Lucy but I was able to exceed my own expectations and find a venue with an even better view of the hill country.  Keep an open mind when you visit the venues.  If you are too closed off from new ideas then you can miss something even better.  This almost happened to me.  I had my heart set on Camp Lucy and I didn’t want to bother looking at other locations after I visited the site.  Luckily my mother convinced me to look at another venue that she thought I would like even more and it ended up being the perfect place for my fiancé and I to have our big day.

When You pick a venue keep in mind what all is included in the venue pricing.  Do they include lodging? Do they have a preferred vendor list? Do they allow outside vendors?  Do they have a commercial kitchen for caterers?  For example, if there is no commercial kitchen for the caterers the caterer will have to bring their own equipment which can ultimately cost you more money.  Things that you may never have considered can add up quickly.  You may also want flexibility in a venue.  Some venues that I visited did not allow for outside vendors that were not on their list, so the caterer that I had in mind wouldn’t have been able to be my caterer.  Don’t settle on a venue that doesn’t allow you to have the options you have dreamed of on your wedding day just because it is the prettiest.  You can always glam up any location.

Once I picked a venue we discussed dates with the owner.  I am lucky enough to be getting married a year and a half after the proposal.  The date we picked is the same as my parents anniversary (I know, cute right?!).  I wanted to have time to plan and not be stressed.  I hear that weddings make people crazy and that it is stressful and I did not want to be that bride or put my friends and family through a time crunch.  Ultimately my venue is setting the tone for my wedding.  It may be pricey, but all of the benefits of having my wedding at this venue definitely outweigh the cost.  The owners are wonderful, the location is gorgeous, they include everything I was looking for, and they are flexible and very helpful.

I know that I picked the perfect location that fits my needs, exceeded my expectations, and represents my fiancé and I very well.

*Betsy Villanueva


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