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Once my venue and date was set it was time time to ask my friends to be a part of my big day.  Pick your bridal party wisely.  You don’t want to have so many people that it becomes overwhelming for you throughout the entire wedding planning.  Pick the women/men that are most important to you but that will also be there for you the whole way.  You need to be able to count on them for anything that may come up.  I haven’t had much for my bridesmaids to do yet, but I know that if I need anything they will help as much as possible.  I asked my bridal party to be in my wedding by giving them cute gifts, like the one below.  Do you add your fiancés siblings in the wedding party?  Some people may feel obligated to but if you aren’t close to them don’t feel pressured to add them.  It is a nice sentiment to want to add them but ultimately it’s your wedding and you get to pick who stands by your side.

If you feel like you need help planning your wedding or just day of coordinating look around for a wedding planner.  Many wedding planners are expensive, but they do offer different packages.  For example, you can have a wedding planner throughout the entire process, use them for three consultations and day of coordinating, or just the day of coordinating.  I would highly recommend day of coordination because this frees you up to enjoy your wedding day without any stress.  I have a wedding planner that is there throughout the whole wedding process, but I try to use her the least amount possible because I enjoy wedding planning.  It is great to have a professional to get recommendations from about vendors and to bounce ideas off of for your wedding.  Also, your wedding planner can hammer out details with vendors, review contracts and ultimately save you money in areas you had not even considered.  Your wedding planner has contacts, use them.  He/she knows the best vendors that fit your budget.  My wedding planner is a good friend of mine, but the reasons I picked her are because she is great at what she does, she is dependable, she is a delight to work with, and she gets things done.  Seriously, if you need any help planning your wedding contact Kayleigh Ziegenbein, she is the best!

What could be next on my to do list for the wedding?  Well, my wedding planner gives me a verbal timeline of what things should be done and by when.  You can find a wedding check list on or  I went by the timeline she gave me but also what was most important to me for my wedding day.  I booked the photographer and videographer then the ceremony musicians and the dj.  I have yet to book the cocktail musicians because unfortunately they don’t take bookings for the spring yet.  To me, the photographer and videographer are very important.  They  are the ones that capture the big day from beginning to end so that you can look back at those moments as often as you like.  If you are a bride on a budget keep in mind the areas that are most important to you so that you can spend more on those areas and less on other areas.  Also, keep in mind that certain aspects of a wedding book quicker than others.  An example would be venues, that is what most people book first so they are what gets taken off the market first.  Caterers can do several weddings on any given day if they are a big company with several employees but if you are looking to book a smaller company then they may just do one wedding a day.  This goes for any vendors in the wedding market.  They know how many weddings a day they can handle.

Wedding Check List
Wedding Check List Cont.

Have a great weekend!

*Betsy Villanueva




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