Rehearsal Dinner

rehearsal invite

Before the big day comes the wedding rehearsal and dinner. This is the perfect time for you wedding party to get to know each other better, if they don’t already. It is also your chance to see how the procession will go and to see if you need to make any minor changes. To keep your changes to a minimum and save stress, try to make sure you have these important things taken care of ahead of time.

 rehearsal invite

Send out your rehearsal dinner invitations a few days after you send the wedding invitations. The invitations do not have to be extravagant, they can be simple or an understated version of your wedding invitations. If you have a small bridal party it’s alright to let them know by word of mouth.


The wedding rehearsal dress is usually a white cocktail dress. This is a beautiful rehearsal dress from Nordstrom’s for a fancy cocktail dinner.

champagne bar

You don’t need to go all out with food and a bar for the rehearsal dinner like you will be for your wedding. A simple champagne bar with fruit will go nicely with a cocktail dinner.

rehearsal dress

If your rehearsal is a more laid-back theme then you might consider wearing something similar to this dress from Beauxx with flats for a classy and casual look.


For a more casual rehearsal dinner, try a barbecue or a picnic outside instead of an indoor fancy dinner. Your bridal party might find it easier to get to know each other at a casual event rather than sitting in designated spots at one big table.


If you want to have a barbecue or picnic, you might also want to consider wearing a non-traditional dress. A white dress is going to show any and all stains, so if you’re clumsy or prone to spilling things, choose a colored dress like this one from Nordstrom’s.


 For cute snacks, serve your wedding party cookies that match the theme of your wedding cake. Most bakeries will give you a special discount if you order all of your treats from the same place, so consider that when you go looking for a cake.

To make sure the wedding rehearsal runs smoothly and quickly, ask anyone not required to be at the rehearsal to please meet you at the dinner. You only need the wedding party, officiate, and any singers or readers to be at the wedding rehearsal. Doing this will ensure that you can make sure the ceremony the next day will go as planned, and you can get on to your rehearsal dinner and mingle with your guests there.

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