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memories table

Your wedding is a happy time but it is always nice to have special ways to remember and honor those loved ones who are no longer here. This can be done in a very subtle way so that only you know, or in a more obvious way for your guests to see as well.


If you prefer the subtle approach, tie mini photos around your bouquet. As you walk down the aisle, you can look at the photos of your loved ones and know that they are with you.

memories table

If you would like your guests to have an opportunity to remember them as well, set up a memories table near where your cocktail hour will be or near the gift table. You can include photos, albums, personal belongings, or favorite quotes if the person was well known by many of your guests.


Place an empty chair in the front row at the wedding ceremony. Decorate it in a way that reminds you of your loved one and place a note in it to let everyone know your loved one is there with you that day.


Another subtle way of showing your respect is to light a simple candle and place it on the altar during the ceremony. You and your fiance will know what the candle represents even if nobody else does.

bride aisle

If you have lost someone who would have had a special part in the ceremony, consider leaving that place unfilled. It will represent that no one can ever replace them, even when they are no longer here. If you have lost your father, you might want to walk down the aisle alone instead of being given away by someone else.

There are many ways to honor loved ones, but the best ideas are those that come from the heart and mean a lot to you. You could choose a song that was special to them and use it for your first dance, or even just as a dedication song during the reception. Mention them in your toast or read a poem they wrote or liked. Whichever way you choose to remember them by, it should be personal and thoughtful and they will appreciate it.

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