My Life As A Bride

Trying on wedding dressesTwo months and a few weeks later I found my gown! It was a long process, but totally worth it.  I didn’t have that WOW moment that most brides get.  I felt that the dress was different than any dress I had seen, so I picked it.  Others loved the dress when they saw me in the dress or the dress itself so I am pleased about that.  I can’t give details about the dress, but it is different than what I expected to end up with and I hear that happens quite often.  I will post a few pictures of what I tried on throughout my 7 store visits.


Now that I have picked my dress I am five months away from getting married and I have quite a bit left to do.  Maybe this is when stress sets in for brides.  I have to finalize flowers, dinner, rentals, rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour music, pick invitations, and find a bilingual officiant.  The rest is details, details, and more details.  I have no idea how I will personalize our wedding to be more “Us” yet, but I think that is done after all the main things have been picked out.  I have so many ideas, I just need to find a way to make them fit our theme.  I don’t even know what to call my theme, I should probably ask my wedding planner this question.

We have been so busy with the actual wedding that we haven’t done much research on the honeymoon.  I have heard great things about St. Lucia and Costa Rica, but who knows where we will end up going.

I am excited to meet with the florist to finalize those details.  If it was up to me the wedding would be a flower wonderland, but I don’t think Adam would appreciate that many flowers.  I am still trying to figure out what color of flowers to go with for the wedding.

The latest task completed, besides picking my dress, has been to order save the dates.  I have a round about number of guests to send save the dates to and I ordered some extras, just in case.  What I really need to do is make a final guest list.  I think this has been hardest for me because I feel bad when I cut people, but it needs to be done.

We have also set up our first registry.  We will be registering at three different locations so that our guests have a variety to pick from.  Adam and I worked so well together when we picked items for our registry.  I have heard of couples getting into fights or arguments when it comes to doing the registry, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Our goal when we went into doing the registry was to think long term.  What kind of things do we want to see around the house 5 years from now or even longer.  Adam let me deal with the china and the things it takes to make a house more homey and I let him pick the most of the kitchen items.  Let’s be honest, Adam does most of the cooking so he knows more about what is best for the kitchen.  We didn’t finish the first registry, but I feel like we accomplished quite a bit.


*Betsy Villanueva

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