Vintage Glam

brides dress

Trends fade, and then they come back again! For this reason, vintage will always be in fashion. The best part? You can usually find items to use by asking friends and family. There are many ways to use vintage items and different sub themes those items will go with, like rustic vintage, Hollywood vintage, etc. The great thing about a vintage theme is that not everything needs to be matchy, the little pieces will come together to make a beautiful big picture.

babys breath

Baby’s breath is already a common occurrence at weddings, but it is also a cute vintage detail. You can add baby’s breath to your floral arrangements, table centerpieces, and bridal party bouquets. (picture from Robert Wojtowicz)

guest quilt

Instead of a traditional guest book, gather old scraps of fabric from family and friends or find slightly distressed new material. Use the scraps for your guests to sign and after the wedding you can get it custom quilted, unless you know someone with that talent already.

brides dress

Detailed beading on your wedding dress can give you a classic vintage look, or a hollywood glam vintage look. Details with glitter or colored beading will be more Hollywood vintage and white pearls and simple beading will be more classic. (picture from

brides veil

A white fish net veil is perfect for a vintage wedding veil! It can go with a classic or Hollywood vintage theme and because of recurring fashions and trends, it is becoming more popular these days. It is a beautiful alternative to the traditional long and lacy veil, without taking away from the femininity of it. (picture from


Your shoes may or may not be visible, but you know they’re there, and they can still help make your look complete. They don’t need to be a real vintage pair, but it might mean more to you if you are wearing your mother or grandmother’s shoes.

flower girls

The flower girl dress/dresses can be simple but elegant with tulle and pearls. An accessory can be added to the dress to make it go with the sub vintage theme you prefer. Some options are flowers, glitter, lace, ribbon or bows. (picture from The Little Pea Boutique)

ring book

Instead of a ring bearer’s pillow, try using an old bible or book. Ask your family members if there is a book that has been in the family, or find one that appears slightly distressed. The more used (and loved) the book looks, the better!

table numbers

For table numbers, use photos of the bride and groom at that specified age. You can use any number of apps or find a template online to give the photos an aged, vintage appearance.


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