Gifts for Your Bride

We covered the gifts for a groom on the wedding day, but what about the bride?  As I mentioned in the previous blog about the grooms gift, make the gift to your bride personal and meaningful.  It can be something she uses on the day of the wedding or something she will cherish forever.  Your bride has done most of the planning, now it’s time to spoil her a bit.  Here are some great gift ideas for the bride on the big day.

This is very cute for the bride to hang her wedding dress on.  This is a great picture to have taken by your photographer of your dress.  Also, it can be made to say anything you want, like Mrs. (whatever your future last name will be).


Write a letter to your bride for the day of the wedding.  If you don’t want to see each other send a groomsmen to give her the heartfelt letter (preferably before she applies her makeup).


Give her jewelry to wear on the wedding day.  You can never go wrong with some bling.  You may want to ask the bride’s mother or girlfriends for help when you pick out wedding jewelry because they know what the wedding dress looks like and can help you match it.

Give her some pampering tools to relax with before the chaos begins on the big day.  She should feel her best and as relaxed as possible.  Several last minute things can come up on the day of the wedding, so having some form of relaxing escape (like a bubble bath) or a relaxing ambiance will be greatly appreciated.

If you feel like splurging, buy your bride the shoes that she has been ogling over.  This will definitely surprise her and it let’s her know that you have been paying attention to her.


You can’t go wrong with anything that says Bride, Mrs. (her new last name) or anything that further recognizes her role/importance on this day.  Yes, she knows she is the bride, but she should also feel like the bride.  This is a one time experience and she will always be able to look back on the thing you did to make her feel even more special on y’alls wedding day.


*Betsy Villanueva


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