It’s time to create a registry for you wedding and your showers.  You can practically register anywhere now a days, but here are a list of places to register at to get you started.

Why register at  You can go to any store you like and add anything from that store to your registry at  Chances are, you won’t find everything you want or need from one particular store, but with you can add items from several stores.  This gives you and your groom exactly what you want without having to settle for something you kind-of like.

Find a store that has a broad range of things for you to choose from.  When you create your registry someone will always tell you to register for many things, even if you think it’s too much.  This gives your guests the ability to pick things that are in their budget, while also having several choices.  Also, keep in mind that several stores offer some sort of a bonus if you register with them.  For example, Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers you 20% off on the remaining items on your registry that was not bought.  This allows you to purchase the items you still need at a discount.

Next up on the list of preferred registry stores is Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  This store has practically everything you could possibly want to register.  When the customer service desk tells you they have more things online to look at and choose from, they really mean it.  They have a larger selection of items online than they do in stores.  Don’t forget to browse online to find some great items.

This department store has a variety of items to offer with great pricing.  Macy’s always has sales, which works to your advantage because guests can get you a better gift for a good price.  Plus, you can add clothes, jewelry, or other items around the store.

Dillard’s has nice items from you to choose from if you are looking for a step up on quality, that is also reasonably priced.  The selection isn’t as large on appliances, but they do offer furniture, clothes, makeup, and shoes that can be added to your registry.  Who doesn’t enjoy a little black dress?


Target offers a $20 gift card if you register with them.  Registering here is particularly great for your groom because he can register for all of the items needed for upkeep of your house.  This is a great choice to register at for a couples shower.

Try to set up a few registries, especially for people traveling to the wedding, because some stores may not be in their particular area.  For example, I did not choose to register at Macy’s because my fiancé’s friends and family are from Mississippi and they don’t have Macy’s around them.  I chose to register elsewhere in Mississippi for their convenience.  Most people send gifts directly to your home, but some prefer to give you the gift at the wedding so keep that in mind if you find a website that doesn’t have an actual store for your guests to visit.

*Betsy Villanueva


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