Fun Favors: Candy Bar


Most people love candy and I happen to be one of those people! A really cool idea for favors to give to your guest is to set up a candy bar and let them fill small boxes full of candy to take home. In my days as a wedding planner I have seen so many brides spend a whole lot of money on favors and most guests do not even end up taking the favor home. When favors are left what happens is the bride first off has lost money and second has to find something to do with the leftovers. A cool way to save is to have a candy bar. I have found that you can find all kinds of funky see through vases at different thrift stores, or yard sales, or even in your own house already! When you fill these different vases full of candy they look very cool and also brings a touch of fun to your wedding! Make sure you also get small scoops so people are not sticking their dirty hands into all the candy. :) You can order small boxes offline or even get them in party stores. To personalize them you can get the boxes printed on with your names or get labels to stick on the boxes so your guests can remember it is from your wedding they got all the fun candy! Also, a fun way to tie it into your wedding theme is to have all the candy match the colors of your wedding. Try something new as a favor and have fun doing it! P.S. make sure you have someone manning this station you do not want to have candy all over the place or run out to fast. Happy Planning!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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