Love is so, so Sweet

The wedding cake doesn’t seem to be at the top of the list when it comes to planning for a wedding, but it is still important.  The cake ties in to your theme, shows your guests what you and your grooms flavor is and it is the sweet treat of your wedding night.  It’s always exciting to see the bride and groom cut their cake and feed each other, mostly because you never know how crazy it will get.  Will it be sweet?  Will one smash the cake in the others face?  Will it end up all over them?  It is cute to see these little interactions with one another on their big day.


There are several vendors you can go to for your cake needs in the Hill Country.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Classic cakes by Lori is based out of Dripping Springs.  Everyone at Classic cakes by Lori is very sweet and helpful.  They can create any look you are going for and their cake flavors are definitely some of the best around.  From their moist vanilla cake to their peanut butter filling, it is all great!  Next, is Sweet Treats Bakery.  They were wonderful to work with and they offer several combinations of cake flavors, fillings, and frostings.  They are awesome at creating the look you are going for with your wedding cake.  They respond quickly and go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied.  Last, but certainly not least, is Simon Lee Bakery.  Have you ever imagined how delicious your wedding cake would be some day?  If so, these are the cakes for you.  They are so moist and delicious you will wonder how they can make something so exquisite.  Simon Lee and his crew are also great at designing any cake and shape you might want.  If you are looking at having something crazy made, he is the one to go to.

How do you pick the final style for your wedding cake?  I am one month away and I have yet to pick mine.  I would suggest using Pinterest and searching images on the internet or in magazines.  If I would have picked a cake even a month ago it would have been much different than what I am considering now.  Once you start to see everything come together and you watch your wedding theme evolve you will have a better idea of what you want exactly.

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Who doesn’t enjoy trying cakes?  The cake tastings are something couples look forward to doing together.  Even if you disagree on a flavor, it’s hard to get angry or upset with a delicious piece of cake in your mouth.  I have been to several weddings that decide to leave out the grooms cake, but if you can’t reach an agreement on a wedding cake then having the grooms cake is a great way for both of you to get what you want.  Since we are on the topic of grooms cake, we might as well discuss it a bit.

The grooms cake is a great way to give the groom what he wants and to represent a bit of him through the cake.  Did he play football in college?  Does he have a favorite sports team?  He could have a cake created to show his interests or hobbies.  Also, it makes the groom feel like he has a say in something.  Let’s face it, the groom gets vetoed often during the wedding planning process, but his grooms cake is all him.  From the flavor to the design, he will love seeing this made specifically for him on the big day.  You can even surprise him with the grooms cake that represents what you think he likes.

Ultimately the cakes should represent you and your groom, but it should be a flavor that your guests will enjoy.  Enjoy cake tasting, it is so very sweet in every way.


*Betsy Villanueva


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