My Life As A Bride

I have talked about the wedding process several times.  Now that I am only a short period away from my wedding date I would like to discuss some of the things I would have done differently or some mistakes I made along the way.

I think I did a pretty good job of planning and sticking to my timeline, but I am two weeks out and feeling stressed.  Don’t leave things to get done by other people!  If you want things done right, do them yourself.  I had personal stuff that I left to be handled by someone else and ultimately it fell back on me and we are now dealing with extra things during crunch time before the wedding. Don’t add extra stress for yourself in the end.  Plan as far ahead as possible so you are able to enjoy your last few weeks as fiancees.

When I sent out save-the-dates I thought I had a complete list of everyone that we needed to send them out to.  I was wrong.  Other people wanted to add to our list and those save-the-dates were sent out later than the rest.  Make sure to check with everyone that might have a say in who will be attending your wedding.  Check several times if needed. This wasn’t as much my fault, but it still looks bad on our part.

The invitations were a mess to begin with.  I was confident that the timeline I was given (by the company) would get me the invitations I wanted.  My fiancé and I waited an extra month to order the invitations because the company we were ordering through said that would be the best time to order them.  Turns out they never checked on a detail pertaining to our particular invitation and days after we had placed our order we received a call saying it would take extra time to be able to have those made.  Ultimately, we should have ordered invitations when we were originally planning to.  We had asked them to check dates and details several times during our appointments and they never mentioned it would take longer.  Also, always order extra envelopes.  If you are purchasing inner and outer envelopes, make sure to order enough extra of each just in case your calligrapher messes up or you do.  We purchased extras, but not enough and we ended up having to use a different outer envelope for some invitations.

DO NOT LEAVE THINGS UNTIL LAST MINUTE!  I cannot stress this enough.  I have left barely anything for last minute, but things come up that you do not expect.

We were expecting around 150 guests to attend our wedding and we are now at 205 guests.  People will forget to RSVP or leave it until the last possible minute.  one week prior to our deadline we had 100 guests RSVP.  It is two weeks after my deadline and I still have RSVPs coming in or texts and phone calls saying people will be coming.  You need to have a cut off date and stick to it.  Unfortunately we did not stick to our date and we have had to rearrange everything form chairs and tables to catering and rentals.  Make it easier on yourself and keep to your deadline.  It may be uncomfortable to turn people down, but there is a reason you mail out your invitation six weeks in advance.  They have had plenty of time to rsvp and should get it done by your deadline.

I hope any of this has helped the brides out there that are looking for what not to do.  It hasn’t been SUPER difficult to deal with, but these things could have been dealt with differently and relieved some stress.  Happy planning everyone!


*Betsy Villanueva


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