Lotus Ranch Weddings

Lotus Ranch is a beautiful wedding venue with lots of character, a lodge for guests and serene beautiful views! This is the place to book your next event and wedding

Here’s the link for more information:¬†http://lotusranch.org

Here are some pictures of the grounds:

1463169_10205135145396448_6228808402880734221_n 10393683_10205135147836509_1484191109639753718_n 11156275_10205135162916886_1575876090412355306_n 11156326_10205081446934020_3852042053188734825_n 11040507_10205081441853893_3852162148190268976_n red mermaid formal dress for evening, bridesmaid bridal party Vanessa Hudgens fuchsia sheath long evening bridesmaid dress 11188248_10205135163796908_9203447666530976375_n

by: Raquel Yarovinsky

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