Fun Wedding Ideas: Chalkboards


I figured since it is back to school week (pretty much all around the United States) I would write a fun wedding idea that has a relation to school! Growing up I LOVED to write on chalkboards. I even secretly wanted a wall painted with chalkboard paint so I could “legally” write on my walls,but I don’t think my mom would have let that one fly!!! I still love chalkboards and one great idea for your wedding to make it more personal is to add chalkboards. This small boards can welcome guests, have menus written on them, feature a time line of what is happening for the night or a hundred other things :) Chalkboards are also easy and fairly inexpensive to make. You can pick up chalkboard paint at your local hardware store and paint a thin piece of wood with this paint and then you have a surface to write on. What I then like to do is go to thrift shops, garage sales, of even flea markets and find old picture frames or old mirror frames and paint these frames funky colors that match the wedding theme. Not only is this a cool way to let your guests know what is going on but these pops of color are great to help tie in your theme or wedding colors. GREAT DIY project for you and your friends to do. P.S. they are even great in your house just as reminder boards!!! Happy Planning!!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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