DIY: Basic Timeline for 1yr out!

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12 months-

~Decide on a budget. When deciding on this budget discuss with parents or anybody else who will be paying for what that way you know upfront.

~Decide style, date, and also the size of wedding you want.

~Decide on a date and send save the dates!

~GET A VENUE they book up very fast.

~Look at dresses.

10 months-

~Look into vendors (caterers, florists, DJ, photographers, ect)

~Choose who you want in the wedding. You want to make sure that they have enough time to be prepared for all it takes being in a wedding.

~Start to get together a guest list…. do this in advance it will change many times.

8 months-

~Book all vendors. You want to make sure that you get the vendors that you want the most.

~Once you have booked the vendors make sure you adjust your budget as necessary.

~Order your wedding dress. Make sure and put the deposit down. Deposits are important to put on a CC because then you have records of the deposit.

6 months-

~Have a meeting with vendors to start to iron out the details.

~Order all of your invitations. Decide if you want someone to print them or if you want to DIY.

~Decide on bridesmaids dresses.

~Begin to start the process of registering for gifts.

~Make sure that the wedding rings are ordered.

4 months-

~Make sure bridesmaids dresses are ordered.

~Get a final guest list.

~Make sure you have figured out what you are going to do for the rehearsal as well as the rehearsal dinner.

~Make sure what the groomsmen are wearing is figured out.

2 Months-

~ Go over all the details about the ceremony such as vows, type of ceremony, songs, ect… Make sure you speak to the officiant about this and that they are secured.

~If you are going to have favors make sure you decide what they are and make sure they are ordered.

~Make sure you have a hair and make up trial. Take pictures at this so you can attempt to get an exact replica on your wedding day.

~Invitations should be mailed by now.

~Know requirements for getting marriage license.

6 Weeks-

~Make sure programs are printed.

~If you are going to want announcement in newspaper, send it to them at this point.

~Get the gifts for attendants.

2 Weeks-

~Put together a shot list (a list of all the pictures you want from the photographer) and send it to them.

~Get a final dress fitting.

~Count all of your RSVP’s and if someone has NOT RSVP’d call them immediately.

~Make sure the gift registry is done and that there are many options in many different price ranges.

~Get your marriage license.

~Write out escort and place cards.

~Give playlist to DJ

1 Week-

~Give the final guest count to your caterer.

~Make sure you have your dress.

~Confirm everything with vendors.

~Make sure your shoes are broken in.

~Get programs and favors all together.

1 Day-

~Manicure and Pedicure (you wanna do any waxing or facials 4 days before the wedding)

~Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner will take place.

~Make sure all pick up and drop off times are confirmed.

~Make sure all money for vendors and tips are in separate envelopes.

Day Of Wedding-

~ Make sure you ahve the photographer there in plenty of time.

~Make sure you eat a light meal and drink some fluids.

~Go out there and show everyone how beautiful you are!!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Coordinator

Lotus Ranch

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