DIY: Get Away Fun!!!

wedding wand 2

I know we all are used to seeing the same thing when the bride and groom leave the church or the reception venue. I personally grew up seeing birdseed, flower petals, bubbles and usual things like that. I have found it more common to even see sparklers now days but with the severe drought here in Texas and the constant burn ban I saw a really cute idea that may be fun for brides to do that is different. These fun things for exiting are called Wedding Wands. All you do is take a bunch of ribbon cut it into strips about 3 feet long. You will then take a short dowel and put it in the middle of a bunch or ribbon. Then wrap the dowel and the ribbon (almost like a bouquet)  or you can attach them to the dowel any way you choose. This will give the  guests have something to hold onto and shake as the couple get away!!! These turn out very cute and are a great idea very cute!!! Happy Planning!!!!


Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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