Budget Brides!!!

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One idea of how to save money on your wedding stuff is to actually purchase items and resell them. There are many brides that love to do DIY centerpieces and many other sorts of decor. Sometimes you are forced to rent stuff but what I have found is that if you can purchase as much as possible there is the good possibility that you could resell it. When you purchase the stuff it is then yours, not only could you resell it but there is the possibility you may want it in your own home. Some things I have found that are items that resell well are: linens, champagne flutes, all kinds of glass vases/ jars, electric candles, table runners, rustic decorations, antique stuff, fun chairs, decorative doors, some centerpiece material and the list goes on. DO NOT think renting is a must try to buy and resell, this way you are getting the biggest bang for your buck! Happy Planning!!!

Kayleigh Ziegenbeiin

Certified Wedding Planner

Lotus Ranch

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