Picking your Florist!

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I have come up with some questions to ask your florist before you decide to choose a floral designer. Flowers (in general) are a very important piece of wedding decor and you want to make sure that you are going to be getting what you paid for! Here are some questions to ask:

~Make sure you see good (legitimate) pictures of what the florist has done, ask to see them. Also, another way to make sure the florist truly knows what they are doing is to ask for a live example.

~Ask yourself if you can get a sense of the style of the florist and make sure and ask yourself if that style matches yours. You do not want to pick a florist that is not comfortable doing the style you are considering for your big day.

~Ask yourself if the florist seems like they know what they are doing i.e. are they telling you what kind of flowers will be available during that time of year or are they giving you ideas on the best way to spend your money.

~Ask if the florist delivers flowers and when they deliver do they help arrange or do they just leave.

~Ask which florist (to the best of their knowledge) will be working on your wedding.

~Ask if the florist has ever done a wedding at the venue and if not will they take time to go see the venue.

~If you flower order is large ask how many weddings/events they will be doing that weekend and if they have enough staff to accommodate you.

~Ask the florist if they have pieces available for rent or if you are going to have to go through other companies to rent items such as vases or centerpieces. This can cause your prices to increase.


This is just a few tips to think about and bring to the table when you are meeting with your florist! Flowers are fun do not be afraid to do something crazy! Happy Planning!!!


Kayleigh Ziegenbein

Event Director

Lotus Ranch

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