11 Must Ask Venue Questions!!!

wedding venue

1. How many hours does the cost include? If you go over the designated amount of hours what is the overtime charge?

2. Is catering done in house? Or is there a list of preferred caterers?

3. Can caterers use the kitchen? And at what cost? (if there is a kitchen)

4. How many guests TOTAL can fit in the venue, what is the capacity?

5. Is a dance floor included?

6. Is audio equipment included?

7. Are there any minimums?

8. Will other people be allowed on site besides my wedding party? Is there other weddings going on that day?

9. Is there any noise restrictions? What time is music allowed to go till?

10. Do you require the bride and groom to obtain there own insurance?

11. Are there any vendor surcharges? (these would include the venue charging a certain percentage of the bill from the other vendors)

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