Sexy Groom’s Gift


Boudoir photography is a unique and special gift for your groom’s wedding day gift. Showing off your physique in sexy lingerie is a new trend in wedding photography. Depending on how risqué you wish to get, you can take your pictures in lingerie or nude.

When deciding where to get your boudoir photos taken you may not have to look any further than your engagement/wedding photographer. Many wedding photographers are now embracing this trend and adding it as an additional service. Although, if your photographer doesn’t provide this service you can go to a photographer who specializes in boudoir photo shoots. Vivian’s Muse and Peekaboo Boudoir are two Austin-based boudoir photography studios that create beautiful works of art for your groom!

A good idea when going to your appointment is taking a variety of lingerie; this gives you and the photographer options. A few suggestions are white, black, color, a corset, or even your wedding veil.

The afternoon of your wedding or after the ceremony is an ideal time to present your groom with your classy snapshots. He will love receiving his gift in the midst of his exciting day! Once you see his reaction to his surprise, you’ll be happy you did something extra special for him!


By: Sabrina Read

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