Debuting our Sustainable Wedding Series


More and more couples are choosing to have “green weddings”. For the environmentally conscious bride and groom, we have put together a short, sustainable wedding blog series filled with tips and advice to keep in mind when planning your sustainable celebration!

The most important tip of the entire series for planning your green chic event is RESEARCH. Luckily, there are a lot of green friendly venues, floralists, and caterers; you just have to find them! In addition to research, decide before diving in to the wedding planning how in depth you want to be with your sustainability, if you did not care about low flow toilets this is not the time to start concerning yourself with extra stressors!

To kick off our sustainable wedding series we have put together some tips for choosing menu and wedding cake vendors below!


For menu and wedding cake vendors think: local, local, local! The closer the vendors are to your ceremony and recpetion site, the less fuel needed to transport the food and cake, thus the less carbon footprint left on the o-zone.

Online carbon calculators and Google maps are excellent tools that brides can use to figure out which vendors will help keep the carbon output of their wedding to an absolute minimum.

Locally grown, organic food will not only lessen the carbon output of your wedding, but also will help sustain the environment. An added bonus? Organic food is a much better, healthier option for your wedding guests!

Be sure to choose in season produce for your menu, off-season foods are grown in heated greenhouses which takes up a lot of energy consumption.


Lea Cabezas

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