Tea Party Themed Weddings and Bridal Showers!

teacup centerpieces

For Spring or Summer weddings a fantastic, current theme is tea parties! This theme presents limitless possibilities for your food, decor, and entertainment. Another great aspect of this theme it is very flexible in terms of color palette, fabrics, and creativity! Choose to either incorporate rich, bold colors like fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow, or tame it down with different shades of pastel pinks, greens, and lavenders. The playful bride and groom can chose how topsy,turvey to take their Mad Hatter wedding or how classic and chic to plan their tea party wedding. Here some design concepts and suggestions for this ever-whimsical theme!


The ceremony and reception should take place in a botanical gardens or a ranch with wide option space. Having larger, open space gives the bride many options for tent, outdoor lounge, and reception area. For all of the above mentioned themes this will create an environment that exemplifies a garden tea party or the Mad Hatter’s tea party scene in Alice and Wonderland. A tent is highly recommended for the reception and cocktail hour  for multiple reasons. Not only is it a great safety net from bad weather but also gives the bride a blank canvas to dress up (in any assortment of colors) the environment in fabrics and chandeliers that effectively portray the theme!As seen in the picture below, lanterns and chandeliers are a MUST for the Mad Hatter tea party theme. For night time receptions put string lights and lanterns in the surrounding trees for a playful yet intimate environment that will transport your wedding guests right into “Wonderland”. To further add dimension, hang an assortment of items from the Alice in Wonderland scene “Down the Rabbit Hole” to either surround trees, photo-back drop, or even in the table settings!



Cocktail Hour:

As the bridal party take pictures before the reception, give those guests some Mad Hatter Entertainment! A giant, life size chess piece set is perfect! The game will give the guests, young and old, some light hearted fun and seamlessly ties into the theme added well-rounded dimension for the outdoor reception area. A croquet game set is a good option as well for all mentioned wedding themes in this blog!


To play along with the tea party theme, edible teacups would be suitable for the cocktail hour. Tea party finger sandwiches should most definitely be served as well! Some other great ideas include croissants and pastries.

Centerpieces and Table settings:

The wedding centerpieces can range from classic, vintage flowered teapots and pearls to stacked, mismatched and colorful assortments of chess pieces and vintage clocks. It is up to the bride and group how formal or playful they want their decor to be! Key objects to be incorporated into the centerpieces: tea cups, colorful chess pieces, vintage birdcages, porcelain clocks, candle holders, playing cards, tea sandwich tiers etc. Most event planning vendors have these accessories for the bride to utilize or rent.


A great idea for a quirky, topsy turvey spark for your mad Hatter themed wedding is an edible menu! Some catering and cake vendors have the equipment to print your menu on edible “paper”. Choose very formal script for the actual menu and on the bottom place an Alice and Wonderland mushroom or catepillar icon with the trademarked “Eat Me” as a nod to the movie. Guests will be sure to love this! Another fabulous idea for a table setting is having mismatched, vintage teacup and saucers on each guests plate with little, light desserts inside that they can enjoy and take home as wedding favors!


For the reception tables use mismtached, shabby chic chairs to excude that Mad Hatter tea party feel. Also incorporate different colored laces, dollies, satins, etc The most important thing to remember is that there is no formality for this theme so have fun choosing different patterns and fabrics!


 Wedding Cake, Dessert, and Wedding favors:

The wedding cake is an easy way to display the Mad Hatter tea party theme! A topsy turvey cake is fabulous for this occasion, add dripping flowers and cute teacup cupcakes to the cake to tie in the table centerpeices as well! No tea party is complete without an abundance of sweets!


Use a shabby chic, rustic white table with teacups, tea pots, and flowers as the dessert table. Fill this table with Mad Hatter shaped cake pops, cupcakes, teacup shaped cookies, creme filled macaroons, etc. Be sure to add a variety of lemonades to help wash all the sugar down!

In addition to the vintage tea cups as wedding souviners, consider Alice and Wonderland playing cards or sweet flavored jams. A small cute wicker basket with all these items sounds like a great combination as well!

Lea Cabezas

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