Sustainable Weddings Finale!


The last installment of the sustainable wedding blog series will cover fantastic advice for picking out the perfect wedding dress and venue!


When picking out the venue for a green chic wedding the most important factor should be location! An ideal location for your wedding ceremony and reception, which should be at the same site, would be one that creates the least amount of carbon emissions. Earlier in the series the carbon calculator was mentioned, this is another way the bride can utilize this wonderful tool! The bride might have to work with a couple of different options when working with traveling guests but the goal will definitely be worth the calculations and extra research!

The bride might also consider having the guests meet at a central location and renting a bus for them to lessen the amount of carbon emissions!


Some factors the bride should think about when looking for a green venue:

Was the infrastructure built with recycled materials?

Is there low flowing/low pressure toilets, showers, or faucets?

Is there a solar energy system that powers the temperature of the building and supplies the electricity?

What type of lighting fixtures are used? —Solar lighting is ideal! Also LED lighting requires less electricity!

Are there recycling bins on site?



There are several options for the sustainable bride’s wedding dress! Try on mom’s old dress for an inexpensive, Eco-friendly, vintage look! If alterations are needed keep in mind that most alteration businesses use electric powered sewing machines. Vintage or second hand shops are also ideal for the bride to look for her wedding dress!

Another great option for the Eco-minded bride is renting a wedding dress! Not only will this reduce energy consumption from making the dress (using electricity) but is also cost effective! When looking for the business, keep in mind the shipping (carbon emissions) of the wedding dress. The bride should pick a local vendor that is close to actually pick up the dress herself.

Depending on how in depth the bride wants to get with her sustainable wedding, the bride should also look for a wedding dress (and linen) that is made from  sustainable materials. Those include: organic fabrics like cotton, hemp, and of course recycled fabrics!

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