Cultural Compromise

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Nowadays brides and grooms are bringing together two different cultures  and religions on their wedding day. The most important aspect these soon to wed couples should keep in mind when planning their very special day is compromise! Across cultures and ethnicities, a wedding is a celebration of two people committing to each other, it remains the same in any language. No matter what, all wedding customs and ceremonies translate into the same thing, engaged couples and their families should keep this in the forefront of their wedding planning!

Wedding Design:

Couples from different backgrounds can be discouraged when designing a concept or theme for their wedding. Such as, whose culture should be the primary inspiration for the decor? There are three options:

  • Split the two religions/cultures between the wedding ceremony and reception. This way each “side” is equally represented in the couple’s celebration. However, splitting the wedding might signify a couple not fully merging their lives together. Reccomendations are against this since the wedding is about the couple in every aspect.
  • Pick a theme that is independent of either the bride or groom’s heritage, this could possibly alleviate potential added stressors when deciding who gets what tradition. Instead of a priest or father, use an officiant to administer the wedding ceremony to remain independent of the bride and groom’s religious background.
  • Choose multiple aspects from each heritage and sprinkle them throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, compromise is key here. Also be creative! For example for a Latin American/Hawiian wedding chose a tropical/paradise theme that is geographical to both cultural regions!

For Food and Entertainment:

This should be the easiest aspect of the wedding to plan! Plated dinners can be trickier to plan since palattes and tastes across cultures will not necessarily flow evenly throughout the course, however some chefs and caterers can work wonders! Instead serve the meal buffet style that has foods from both cultures and let your guests decide! Same for dessert! Using the example from earlier, have a salsa bar to complement the cocktail hour and then for dinner have a traditional pit roasted pig with poi!


As far as entertainment pick and choose when to incorporate each culture and religion throughout the wedding day. For the Latin American/Hawaiian wedding, compromise and have marachis for the bride and groom’s grand entrance into the reception, then highlight the Hawiian culture with a tradtional hula dance or have the bride and groom do the traditional “money dance”.

Another very important thing for the bride and groom to remember is to get opinions and advice of the immediate family members about incorporating them into the weddings. For some cultures, the immediate family members have important roles in wedding traditions and leaving them out would be considered disrespectful. The greatest piece of advise for the groom and bride is communication and compromise for planning an infused cultural wedding.

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