Flower Girl Themes!


One of the cutest moments of a wedding ceremony is seeing the dressed up flower girls! Besides the overwhelming moment when the bride comes down the aisle, guests always swoon at the sight of these cute little girls! Below are some creative and fun ways to make your flower girl stand out!

It’s not just flower girls that preceed the bride on the aisle. More brides are choosing to pair their girls with a similar aged boy, which is such a cute idea! Have the young ones dressed up in little replicas of the bride and groom. Not only is this sure to bring merriment from your guests, but will also give the photographer a great photo opportunity! Even better, dress up the children in the theme of the wedding!

For themed weddings, dressing up the flower girl in theme is an excellent way to make your wedding ceremony memorable! Dress up the flower girl in cowboy boots with her formal dress for a western country chic look! If your venue is at a castle or has castle-like infrastructure dress up the flower girl as a princess! Garden and outdoor weddings should have a flower girl dressed up as a fairy, complete with wings and hair garland.

Not having a themed wedding? Give your guests an amusing surprise and have your flower girl, and or accompanying boy, dress up as a well-known icon! For example, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, the First Lady and President, etc. This could definitely make any wedding ceremony fun and exciting!

Props are also a fun way to grab the guests attention! Signage is very in right now. Have the  flower girl or girls hold up signs with sayings like” Here comes the bride”, “(Groom’s Name) here’s your chance to run!”, “(Grooms Name) your girl is about to come!”, or “Turn off cell phones please” followed by “She means it”. And when the bride and groom leave, have the opposite side of the sign say “And they lived happily ever after”. This prop has endless opportunity for cute sayings or slogans! The sign does not have to be a poster or chalkboard, think out of the box with separate signs, banners, flags, etc.

In addition to signs, there are other fabulous props for the flower girl to hold! Balloons are an easy fix. Get shaped balloons like hearts or stars! Umbrellas are also cute for hot summer days, not to mention practical to protect the young ones from those harsh UV rays!

What is cuter than a flower girl? A flower girl with a puppy! Have the leash and collar the colors of the wedding. The flower girl would have to be a bit older to handle a young pup and leash, but this idea is simply precious!

If these ideas are too outlandish, brides can concentrate on the smaller details like the flower girl basket! The best piece of advice is to always keep the theme in mind and incorporate elements from the theme into the smaller aspects of the wedding. For example, for an outdoors/garden wedding, a bride would incorporate wood, moss, anything forest green, and flowers. The flower girl basket below utlizes all of these things!

Lea Cabezas

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