A Hill Country Destination for the Smaller Wedding

One of my frustrations this past year was trying to find the perfect little venue for the couple that are having a smaller more intimate wedding. With a larger venue there is a larger price tag and when you are considering fifty guests and less, this does not make financial sense.

Imagine my glee when I had a phone call from Denese, the manager and co-owner of Wimberely Inn letting me know that they were revitalizing their adorable tin roofed cottage for weddings and events. Aptly named The Greenhouse, this sweet cottage combines Hill Country charm, with a dose of Old World panache due to the fountains surrounding it.

A great setting, which is also within walking distance to the wonderful shops that Wimberley is renowned for. This is a space that can be elegant, rustic or what I love – very shabby chic!

For more information contact Denese at 512.847.3750

christina, your wedding warrior.

The Green House - Wimberley Inn

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