All About Lace!

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A VERY current trend among weddings is incorporating lace into a variety of ways. Adding touches of lace can instantly add feminity and a timeless, romantic feel to any wedding. Here are some fantastic ideas for incorporating lace into your wedding!

First and formost is the lace wedding dress! This Vera Wang lace wedding dress is a perfect example of an exquisite, timeless dress. The detail of the lace will make any bride an instant showstopper. The fitted nature of the dress elegantly accentuates  the bride’s curves without compromising the pristine nature of the lace dress.

Backless lace dresses are very in right now as well. Adding a ribbon bow or a sparkled rhinestone belt instantly takes the dress to the next level!

Not wanting to rewear an heirloom wedding dress? Use bits of lace from inherited dresses into your bouquet! Not only will this suffice a wedding must (something borrowed!), but can also add beautiful dimension to a simple bouquet. Add dripping strands of pearls for an ultra girly, classy look!

For invitations lace is a very simple, easy way to dress up any color, such as brown pictured here. Again, adding ribbon bows and pearl details bring the entire look together!


Wedding cakes have evolved from things of practicality to intricate works of art. Cake designers have innovatively created lace techniques to add an air of elegance to wedding cakes. Again, adding pearls and ribbon edible details rounds out the classic, wedding look. Using the bride’s new intials or real flowers are also great ideas to add to these lace cakes!


Last but not least is the use of lace in centerpieces on reception tables. Use vintage lace dollies under vased floral arrangements, pictured belowed. Add lights or candles to light up and display the intricate details of the lace. Add strips of lace to mason jars for an ultra rustic chic look!

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